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Our business is helping people to make money, not spend it.
You have a lot of choices in online marketing companies today, so why choose us?

Because you need a website and marketing that stands out, embraces your brand and communicates to your audience!

Communication amplified by the power of ideas can level the playing field between small businesses and their larger competitors.


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    Badass Builders Website Design is Located in Roanoke Virginia & Taos New Mexico, we have worked with over 550 clients worldwide. No matter where you are we are there to serve you. We believe in fair business practices.

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    We are a full-service company specializing in web design and cutting-edge business promotion. Want to know more? Check out our services page: Services

    Our Pricing

    Website & Marketing costs are on everyone’s mind these days, we don’t expect any exceptions when working with us.

    Every project we work on is unique, let us give you a fair price based on your needs. To find out what your project will cost, please call us or Click Here

    A Badass Builders-designed website offers these additional advantages:

    Your investing in a good experience.
    You can’t talk back to a TV commercial or ask a print ad for more information.
    But in minutes, your new website can usher potential clients into photo galleries, give them technical information, or allow them to watch a video about your products or services.

    A Badass website enhances visitor experience with effortless navigation and rich content. So visitors can connect your brand and products to their friends and business associates in ever-growing social networks—further heightening the impact of your site.

    Your Badass website will not only make your business look great, it will give visitors the information they need to make a purchase decision. It will streamline their path to you via our own brand of search word density and optimization. Best of all, we’ll create an experience that is consistent with, and reinforces, your brand. Look around. Your competitors’ websites are becoming more sophisticated, more graphically appealing, and, as a result, more effective. That’s why your site has to be Badass.

    Here is a complete list of our web design & other Services

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    Tips, Ideas and Advice

    It’s A Blog! With so many years in business we have picked up a few tips, learned from mistakes and worked with many diverse clients. We want to share our knowledge with you. We cover topics in all areas of business and personal management. Take some time and have a look at our blog! To The Blog

    Turn Around Time

    We know that you want your website done quickly, maybe you have even had a bad experience with other companies. At Badass Builders we have learned through our clients that getting work done on time and as promised is important. When we evaluate your needs we will provide you with a time frame based on the work you need done and our current workload. Most websites are completed in less then 2 weeks as long as we have everything we need from you.

    It’s not what, it’s how

    Plenty of companies build websites. Nice ones, too. But “nice” is not enough when you’re counting on your site to drive your business. That’s why we recommend a Badass site. We’re biased, sure. But at Badass Builders we build memorable, easy-to-use sites with best-practices-and-beyond functionality. Designed to attract visitors quickly, we use our own approach to SEO & Marketing. Plus, we can then look at your company’s overall branding approach and build other tools that support your goals