Lets do something different together! We so many years in working on website projects, we understand the things that are important like creativity, cost, making your website stand out and getting things done quickly. We have a unique ways to help your business succeed and we love sharing our ideas

Our process is simple, even though it has taken years to perfect. With many years of trial and error, working with others, we have created processes that work.

Working with us. What make us different from other Web design and marketing companies is our attention to detail and our unique design work. We take the time to listen and get to know you and your company and its personality. Once we understand your needs, we’ll always try to exceed your expectations.

It’s not what, it’s how.
Plenty of companies build websites. Nice ones, too. But “nice” is not enough when you’re counting on your site to drive your business. That’s why we recommend a Jeff’s site. We’re biased, sure. But at Jeff’s, we build memorable, easy-to-use sites with best-practices-and-beyond functionality. Designed to attract visitors quickly, we use our own approach to SEO. Plus, we can then look at your company’s overall branding approach and build other tools that support your sales goals.

Here is our process of working with you:
1. We make initial contact
2. We learn about your business and how we can help
3. We come to agreement of the service we will provide and a price that works
4. We take a deposit
5. We get you set up in our project management system and get you a list of what we need to get started
6. We receive the content for your website (text, images, videos, logos, etc)
7. We consult with you again on your ideas and thoughts for the website
8. We start working on your website
9. We show you what we have done thus far and get your input and direction
10. We make changes per your request and finish the website
11. We receive the final approval from you and request the final payment
12. We launch your website and review the administrative section with you
13. We offer support to you (we offer free support for the first 4 weeks after launch and offer our service after that for our normal maintenance fee.)

If you have any further questions about our process you are welcome to ask!