It’s not what, it’s how.

Plenty of companies build websites and offer marketing services. Nice ones, too.

But “nice” is not enough when you’re counting on your site to drive your business.

That’s why we recommend a Badass site. We’re biased, sure. But at Badass, we build memorable, easy-to-use sites with best-practices-and-beyond functionality. Designed to attract visitors quickly, we use our own approach to SEO. Plus, we can then look at your company’s overall branding approach and build other tools that support your sales goals.

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Website services

When choosing us you know your website will not only make your business look great, it will give visitors the information they need to make a purchase decision. It will streamline their path to you via our own brand of search word density and optimization. Best of all, we’ll create an experience that is consistent with and reinforces your brand. Look around. Your competitors’ websites are becoming more sophisticated, more graphically appealing, and, as a result, more effective. That’s why your site has to be amazing. We offer both new first time websites and website redesign solutions for professional and personal sites.

website_clickService List
-Website Design
-Website Development
-Programming (CSS, HTML, PHP, JS, Java) *other programming services are available at our non-standard service fee
-Logo design
-eCommerce (basic / simple & Full eCommerce)
-Wordpress sites
-Website Management
-Website Maintenance
-Website elements
-Website widgets

Consulting services

We are here to help you solve problems and grow your business.

Understanding your business is important, and sometimes you need an outside view. That’s why we offer consulting services that allow us to research your businesses and industry, help you create and implement processes, create deliverables, understand who your customers are, and to make sure that the information and ideas you present to your customers will resonate with them. With our 20+ years of experience, we have the capability to help your business succeed. Contact us today for a free 30min consultation.

Service List
– Idea consulting
– Brand Consulting
– Business start-up consulting
– Technology consulting (use and implementation)
– Marketing strategy analysis and consulting
– Business strategy consulting
– Personal coaching

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    Marketing services

    Getting the word out is more then just throwing money at every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes knocking. Most of our clients are service based businesses looking to increase their customer base in a local area (anything from a town, city or multiple cities). Why spend big money to advertise where your not going to get business… Through years of research and trial and error we have found creative marketing solutions to help our clients grow. Solutions that target the ares you want to be in and venues that may cost nothing more then a little elbow grease.

    We use our sister comapny Synergy Web Systems for all of our Marketing Visit: Synergy Web Systems

    Service List
    -SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    -Branding & Identity creation (logo, colors, style)
    -Social Media Marketing & Campaigns
    -Content Writing
    -Article Writing / Submission

    Graphic Design services

    WOW! is what we want for you! let us bring creativity to the next level for your company. We offer simplistic basic design work all the way to full blown branding packages. Also why not connect the high graphic standards established for your website in your printed support material as well. We can handle your normal print jobs as well as shorter runs on one of today’s super-efficient digital presses.

    Service List
    -Logo design
    -Website design
    -Element design
    -Print Design
    *we do offer some printing services, such as business cards, fliers, signs and stationary. If you need anything else, just ask as we may offer it or have a great suggestion for you.

    We can go on and on about our services but we want to answer your questions directly. Let us know what you are looking for, if we don’t offer it we can probably recommend a great provider that we either know personally or by reputation.

    Clothing Design / Printing
    Are you looking to start a clothing line? Do you have great designs you want turned in to clothing? We offer over 7,000 different clothing items for print or embroidery… We can also design your line for you, the possibilities are endless! Give us a call today at 585-376-0711 and let us know how we can help…