AWhen you want good, really bad.

Badass Builders web development delivers out-of-the box solutions that work with what’s in your budget. Along with excellent website design and programming, we are able to develop marketing support for both online and traditional applications. All with a Badass edge that gets you noticed—and delivers your unique differences memorably.
Badass Builders Web development delivers killer graphic platforms and powerful copy, along with market consultation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We can also handle the printing of your full, multicolor run as well as shorter digital press quantities. Allowing us to create and integrate your communications helps you get to market (and be successful) sooner.

The Badass Builders Mission

Our Mission is to support and empower companies that lack the ability to promote themselves through online marketing, branding and popular media outlets.

The Badass vision

Badass Builders is a full-service website design and development company we strive to integrate your communications with supporting conceptual, marketing, and printing services. We want to deliver you powerful and polished communications formerly only available to those with much larger budgets.

Whats with the name?

jeff!CrazyWe have responses all across the board from “WOW, love the name”, “I wouldn’t do business with a company named bad ass”, “The geeks with style, love it”, “how did you come up with that name?” “What do you build” and many, many, more… To be honest, the name comes down to 1 thing; marketing. We started our web design company with a much more professional name, dumped thousands of dollars into marketing with only “average” results. Badass Builders web design was started as a fun side project to serve some of our more “avant Garde” web design clients, like Tattoo shops, Models, Motorcycle shops, etc… Before we knew it and without spending a dime on marketing Badass Builders was a bigger web company then it’s more “professional” predecessor. Not to mention the free advertising received just because of the name, like radio interviews, books, news paper ads, Comic Con, business journals and more.

Funny story, we used to sponsor a race team in the Grand-Am Road Racing series and were banned from sponsoring anymore because of the word Badass in our name… The week were were banned, I watched the race on TV only to hear the announcers use the term “Badass” 14 times throughout the race… Here is one of our old cars: Next Gen Motorsports Car We know Marketing as well as we know web design, let’s work together and build you something great!

Our Web design and marketing process

Our process is simple, even though it has taken years to perfect. With many years of trial and error, working with others, we have created processes that works!

Working with us.

What makes us different from other Web design and marketing companies is our attention to detail and our unique design work. We take the time to listen and get to know you and your company and its personality. Once we understand your needs, we’ll always try to exceed your expectations.

DM_Badass_BuildersHere is our process of working with you:

1. We make initial contact
2. We learn about your business and how we can help
3. We come to agreement of the service we will provide and a price that works
4. We take a deposit
5. We get you set up in our project management system and get you a list of what we need to get started
6. We receive the content for your website (text, images, videos, logos, etc)
7. We consult with you again on your ideas and thoughts for the website
8. We start working on your website
9. We show you what we have done thus far and get your input and direction
10. We make changes per your request and finish the website
11. We receive the final approval from you and request the final payment
12. We launch your website and review the administrative section with you
13. We offer support to you (we offer free support for the first 4 weeks after launch and offer our service after that for our normal maintenance fee.)

If you have any further questions about our process you are welcome to ask!