Why have a website

Do you need a website? Marketing is not cheap, especially effective marketing. At Badass Builders, we occasionally run into small to mid-sized business that have been doing things a certain way for a long time, spending the bulk of their marketing dollars on trade shows, print ads, sponsorships, etc. Most of these people are used to hearing friends tell them “you need a website,” but still aren’t convinced. Badass Builders specializes in web design. We love it, and our clients see a lot of success with our work. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Websites attract a qualified audience.

A print ad may be viewed by thousands of people, but only a small percentage of those people actually need or want the product or service being offered. Most people find websites by searching for them via search engines or linking from another location. In both of those instances, a person who finds your website is actively seeking it. They already know they want what you’re selling. Now all you need to do is sell your stuff.

2. Websites are interactive.

You can’t talk back to a TV commercial or ask a print and for more information. But in just a few minutes on a website you can do things like look at photo galleries, find technical information, email a company, watch a video and more. Websites continue to offer more interactive features, allowing potential customers to have a personalized experience while learning about what you do. Plus, websites are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

3. Websites convert.

Print and TV ads launch products, help companies build brands, get exposure, etc. But when it’s time for customers to buy, they’ll have to go to somewhere else. With a website, you can tell people about your product or service and sell it to them immediately. No waiting, no rerouting. If you accept credit cards, you’ll even be able to accept payments instantly, 24 hours a day, without having to pay someone to “run the register.”

Truthfully, these three points are just the tip of the iceberg. Websites can and do accomplish a lot more than we’re discussing here. But (yes, there is a but), to achieve success online you don’t just need a website, you need a GOOD one. By good, we mean a website that looks great, is easy to use, conveys your brand and –most importantly, drives visitors to act. If you spend time surfing the web these days, you’ll see that websites are becoming even more interactive, better looking and more useful. To compete, you’ll need to put your best foot forward. Badass Builders can help you do just that.